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Join us for the fun! 

Upcoming Classes & Events

Scranton Improv was born out the idea to connect and grow the Northeast PA improv and comedy community offering education, gathering and performance opportunities. We bring people together with the intention of educating, enlightening and entertaining. Get to know us and get involved. Feel free to reach out with questions!

December 17, 2023 - 1 PM

Hosted by:


LAUGH, LEARN & PLAY in this engaging in-person, all-levels introductory improv workshop for adults (18+).

This workshop will feature instruction, exercises, and games.


Together we will explore the building blocks of improv, the improv mindset, and the fun of improv games while improving your listening and communication skills.


This mood-lifting session will prepare you for other improv adventures including upcoming classes, playgroups, and jams. Improv Veteran and fabulous funnywoman, Sharon Phillips, will lead this session. 

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